The future of their generation rests in their education.


Why we exist

Every child has a right to education, we seek to ensure that.

It is the foundation of understanding and enables children to have choices about their lives and the lives of their communities. This knowledge empowers people to improve their lives and the lives of each other. In communities living in poverty, it empowers people to grow out of the cycle of poverty and elevate into wellbeing. 

Throughout the world, particularly in remote regions, children have little to no access.


It is our mission to enable access to education for every child in the world.

What we do

"The Growing Through Education Foundation (GTEF) is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity that aims to provide financial and practical assistance to schools and school communities with specific development needs"
  1. Empower remote communities to improve the way they live
  2. Enable communities through sustainable education in their context
  3. Create entrepreneurial ventures to make tangible differences through hands on support
  4. Provide financial, physical & digital resources direct to community leaders to scale solutions for future generations

Improve the lives of local communities by local people.



How we do it

Building Schools

  • Funding the building of schools

  • Community Involvement

  • Educational / Corporate partnerships

On the Ground Support

  • GTEF for Purpose Trips

  • Community Engagement

  • Teacher Professional Development

  • Teacher Conferences

Educational Resources

  • Books & Stationary

  • Furniture & Blackboards

  • Computers & IT

  • School uniforms

  • Sport equipment






What have we done

Starting out

GTEF started out as an extension of 'Achieve Through Art' program enabling children in remote regions to discover their creativity.


Sustainable differences

GTEF evolved over the past 7 years into broader educational support to enable communities in remote regions.

Future growth

GTEF are committed and driven to empower more remote communities to improve their lives to a state of well-being through education.



Your change can change a generation.



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