GTEF Projects are focused on providing a combination of financial, practical, educational, and hands on resources to support to specific regions. Currently GTEF is supporting community projects in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas and as a result of our approach we have achieved significant impact that people can experience on our for Purpose Trips. To date, we have provided infrastructure improvements, equipment and teaching support to a number of remote community built schools. The trips and activities are planned with support from HELP Tourism, our 'on ground' tourism partners.



Darjeeling was once a spot on the map that GTEF visited for tourism purposes. As usual this did not last long, with so many opportunities to help, the group quickly established relationships with the local minister to support surrounding schools with educational resources and introductions to teaching approaches.

  • In 2016 GTEF launched it's first Teacher Conference
  • Over 70 teachers attended approved by the local government
  • Conducted 2 day workshop presenting teaching approaches
  • GTEF has set up a physical library where 0ver 35 different schools can access physical resources
  • Initiated a digital teacher to teacher community online

The Yelbong Project


Yelbong Village is located in an area of the Eastern Himalayas where there is no vehicle access. When GTEF first arrived at Yelbong there was no prospect of education for the village children. Since that time GTEF has;

  • Negotiated with local farmers to provide land for a possible Yelbong School in return for a rice grinding machine
  • GTEF funded the purchase of the grinding machine and the the proceeds of it now goes towards paying a teacher
  • GTEF has funded 100% of the very first Yelbong Forest School officially opened in 2017

The Chuikhim Project

GTEF has provided support to Chuikhim for over 6 years and as a result instigated the local government to build a road to the village and officially approved the schools.

  • Built school fence at Chuikhim Junior School - $1,827
  • Funded Volleyball court - $2,088
  • Donatation of 7 lap tops and 1 digital projector
  • Provided art materials $200
  • First Aid kits (Funds provided by Dandenong Rotary) - $1,500
  • Internet connection AUD $83

The Neora Valley Project


In 2010 GTEF first visited Neora Valley and as a result of the associated media coverage, the regional educational board built a block of 3 classrooms and a library. GTEF funded local labour to;

  • Build classroom furniture for all classrooms
  • Paint the school
  • Paint a mural with local Neorra Valley kids

GTEF donated musical instruments, sporting equipment and 8 laptops which are used to assist in setting up a virtual doctor service.