GTEF with Purpose Trip

Himilayan Foothills of India


Experience Travelling with Purpose

Humans have an innate desire to help one another. We find almost everyone we speak to about the work we do in India is fascinated and the 2 most common conversations that follow is how did we get involved? and, how can they get involved?

There is no better opportunity to help people in need whilst experiencing a beautiful countryside than the GTEF with Purpose Trip. 

14-Day with Purpose Trip

Our trips are intended to do some good whilst providing a cultural experience for everyone. The trip itinerary changes each year so for the next trips itinerary please fill in the form below.

Local Chuikhim school girls drawing in front of a scenic view...

Local Chuikhim school girls drawing in front of a scenic view...

Arrive and Experience Kolkata

Stay in close to the Kolkata food markets for a half day tour.

Chuikhim Home Stays

Staying with the local families in Chuikhim, you will take part in a the School Program whilst enjoying views, food local company.

Yelbong Community Visit

Trek to Yelbong to provide resources and engage with the locals.

Sherwani Community Visit

Trek from Chuikhim to Sherwani to visit the community to provide resources and uplift of the school.

The GTEF Trip Team at Neora Valley School

The GTEF Trip Team at Neora Valley School

Neora Valley Jungle Camp

Drive through Kalimpong region to arrive at Neora Valley Jungle Camp in the National Park. The Neora Valley National Park is one of the richest biological zones in East India and home to a diversity of flora and fauna including barking deer, black bears, clouded leopard, and the exotic red panda. Trek to the School for an uplift program.

Dagyong Community Visit

Trek to the community of Dagyong for a visit to the local school and engagement with the community to understand their needs for educational resources.


The view from the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

The view from the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

Darjeeling Tour

Drive from Neora Valley to Darjeeling - 2,042.2 metres above sea level, best known for its black tea, the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, and the views of the third highest peak in the world - Kangchenjunga.

Tour the town with temples and street shops for locally made items to take home.

Delhi Tour with Taj Mahal

Finishing the trip in Delhi, the capital of India, with a tour of new and old Delhi on one day. On the other day we will travel to Agra home of the Taj Mahal - a white marble mausoleum housing the tomb of Shah Jahan's favourite wife.


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